Baby Massage is a great way of expressing love, care and respect through touch for promoting a secure parent and child attachment which is used all over the world. Massage therapy has been used in cultures as far back as 3000 BC and infant massage has been practiced by mothers in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America for centuries to current day.

A regular massage during the week helps make a more confident mother-infant relationship. Babies can enjoy it and it can help alleviate ailments too.

Some of the results and benefits include:

✔️Improves quality of sleep

✔️promotes relaxation

✔️teaches positive nurturing loving touch

✔️develops body, mind, awareness and coordination

✔️soothes colic

✔️alleviates constipation

✔️strengthens the digestive system

✔️ regulates breathing and nervous systems

✔️strengthens muscle tone

We offer classes and courses for all levels, ranging from beginner to experienced and advanced. Whether you’ve never tried a class before or you want to give it a try with Playtimes.

Discover your nurturing loving touch with Playtimes baby massage

Try baby massage, bring out your inner caring touch. 

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